Cabinets are the focal point of any elegant kitchen.  Which is why we have more than 15 cabinet styles and colors in stock for you to choose from.  Whether your taste is modern or traditional or somewhere in between, you can find it here at Better Homes.  Quality is another important consideration when shopping for cabinets.  What makes our premium cabinets superior in quality are:

  • Plywood box construction (no particle board)
  • Soft close undermount drawers and soft close doors
  • Solid wood dovetail drawer boxes
  • Warp free shaker doors and slab doors
  • Solid wood raised panel doors
  • Easy access opening with no center divider
  • Custom cabinet sizes available

We also offer a builder grade cabinet line for multi-unit projects or those on a budget looking for the lowest price.  These cabinets are still built solidly with plywood box construction.


American style cabinets are built with a wood frame in the front called a face frame.  The cabinet doors are attached to the face frame and are commonly made of real wood that gives it the traditional American look.  The face frame makes the American style cabinets sturdier and easier to install.  The drawback is that American style door are usually more ornate and so requires more cleaning.

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European cabinets are also called frameless cabinets because they don’t have a face frame, giving it a modern contemporary look.  The door styles are usually flat or very simple in design.  They come in different glossy, printed or textured patterns and are rarely made of solid wood.  

Frameless cabinets are widely used outside of North America and are gaining popularity in the US as well.  The flat(aka slab) door design makes it easier to keep clean with less places for dust and dirt to collect.  Another difference is the drawer sides are metal instead of wood.

The drawbacks of no face frame are that there’s less room for adjustments, harder to install and less sturdy cabinet.  Anyone who’s installed Ikea kitchen cabinets will agree.  Most companies use particle board for their cabinet boxes like Ikea.  That’s why we use 3/4 inch high grade plywood for our Euro cabinet boxes for maximum strength.  They are very sturdy!

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