Quartz & Granite  are our most popular countertops choices.  We also have a few marble and quartzite colors in stock.  All of our slabs are prefabricated to standard sizes (9 or 8 feet long) with the edges already laminated and polished.  This is called “prefab slabs” in our industry.  Prefab slabs lower installation cost and time to save you money.  Due to slabs being unique, you should select your slabs whether we are installing for you or you are just purchasing the slabs.  We fabricate only if we are installing, too.

Listed below are some of the colors that we’ve carried recently.  Our inventory of colors change often so please visit our showroom to see what we have in stock.  Please note that many suppliers use different names for similar stone colors, so searching for a color by name can be difficult.


Quartz countertops are a man made stone-like material that contains natural quartz crystals and resins.  They come in many patterns and some are like works of art.  It is more durable than granite and harder to stain, but is less heat resistant than natural stone.

Quartz Calacatta 1

Quartz Calacatta 2

Quartz 3

Quartz Calacatta 4

Quartz Calacatta 5

Quartz 6

Quartz Statuario 7

Quartz Calacatta 8

Quartz 9

Quartz 10

Quartz 11

Quartz Calacatta 12

Quartz 13

Quartz Calacatta 14

Quartz 15

Quartz Calacatta 16



Natural Stone

Granite and Marble countertops derive their beauty from nature.  Therefore you have to accept it’s beauty with it’s flaws.  Granite makes great countertops due to it’s hardness and heat resistance.  The drawback is that you should seal it yearly to protect against staining.  Marble is softer and easier to stain than granite, making it better suited for bathrooms.  Although some marble are harder than others.

Granite 1

Granite 2

Granite 3

Granite 4

Granite 5

Granite 6

Quartzite 1

Quartzite 1

Quartzite 1

Granite 7

Granite 8

Granite 9

Granite 10

Granite 10

Granite 11

Granite 12

Granite 12

Granite 13

Granite 14

Granite 15

Granite 16

Granite 17

Granite 18

Granite 19

Marble 1

Granite 20

Granite 21

Marble 2

Marble 3


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